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One of the major feature of Ruby 3.0 is the introduction of ‘ractor’. Ractor is a new concurrent abstraction for Ruby. Unlike Ruby threads, ractors can run in parallel. Due to the Ruby Global Virtual Machine Lock(GVL), even each Ruby thread is mapped to native thread, there can only be one active thread running. But after the introduction of ractor, there can be multiple GVL, each ractor has one. That’s why ractors can have parallel execution.

4-Minute Read

Qml manages to separate UI and backend logic, one can adjust c++ code without breaking UI, or develop different front end without implementing same logic twice. As plasma mobile developers, we can utilize the flexibility of Qml and Kirigami framework. Making apps that look equally beautiful on mobile and desktop platform. However, the high memory usage is its major drawback. On a device like pinephone which only has 2 Gigs of ram, low memory consumption is crucial.

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