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What I’m doing recently

Formats & Language KCM

So one thing I’ve been doing past four months is the porting of Formats KCM, but now the scope is no longer restricted in only porting. Alone the process, first the old KCM design isn’t that mobile friendly so I did a re-design. And then Nate pointed out that the Formats KCM is in conflicted with Language KCM, which leads to the merging of Language and Formats KCM. Also the post I made eariler about locales in Linux, that also needs to be addressed. It’s still some work to be done, namely locale generation and relevent package installation via PackageKit. I really want to get this merged before Plasma 5.24, the soft freeze of which happens at 30/12/2021. The MR in question is https://invent.kde.org/plasma/plasma-workspace/-/merge_requests/1147

Tablet & Colord-kde wayland fixes

The Linux salon last week leads to the discussion of digital painting support on Plasma wayland. And turns out a lot needs to be fixed. Other than the color management & HDR support which rely on the upstream wayland protocol merged, colord-kde and wacomtablet-kcm are the things we can work on. After a meeting with artists and Plasma & Krita developers, we now have a list of todos. I’ll be working on the colord-kde porting, though I haven’t looked into the code yet. I brought an Acer Spin5, it has a touch screen and a pen supports wacom AES protocol. I could have brought an entry level graphic tablet for developing, but I also needs a new laptop to replace my years old ThinkPad.

Rust & Backend learning

I’ve been learning Rust for one month now, if not count the month I spent but eventually gave up Rust two years ago. I haven’t wrote it before, because I’m still getting the hang of it. And writing something I don’t understand myself isn’t going to be interesting for the reader. The first practice program I’m writing now is a server side program, it doesn’t have a name for now. It can do geo location by ip address using MaxMind’s offline public database, and it can also do geo location name search and reverse searching by coordinates. I also want to add a norway metrology institute api cache/proxy server capabilities to it. The ultimate goal is to be a functional backend to KWeather and other KDE applications. Currently we code API keys directly into code, which is bad given our code is open sourced.

Other things

On top of the things mentioned above, I also have a full time intership. This means I only have free time in weekends, but I also have to deal with School things. Though I only went to college once per week, I still need to do assignments and keep up with the course. I write blog to keep myself learning new things, but the current situation is I doesn’t have time to learn enough things to blogging weekly. So in order to not break the promise I made myself, I’ll write some useful tips or experiences like posts in the near future.

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