Hey! I'm Han Young. I code for ByteDance by day, KDE by night.

Here’s some detail about my projects and myself…

I love writing end user facing applications as well as toolchain and support software for developers. I’ve worked on a range of projects, from writing utility apps and system setting module for KDE Plasma, to developing in-house Cocoapods toolchain and central build warning configuration for ByteDance.

Places I’ve worked(contributed)

  • At KDE I worked under Plasma Mobile team to write touch friendly Weather, Calculator and Clock for Plasma Mobile. I also developed the new convergent Region & Language system setting module. Besides the coding, I also ported and updated DBus documentation and tutorial on https://develop.kde.org. I also gave talks about Plasma Mobile at Linux Application Ecosystem Salon Changsha and FOSSASIA 2022
  • At ByteDance I worked with Douyin Infrastructure team to develop in-house Cocoapods toolchain, and systems to configure build warning, thus improving the code quality. As a result of switching to API based artifact repository in Cocoapods toolchain, dependency resolve time of Douyin/TikTok halved, size of local artifact directory reduced 99.9%.
  • At Kiwix I improved the look and feel of kiwix-desktop, alone with some miscellaneous bug fixes.

Some of my projects

  • KWeather, A convergent weather application for Plasma.
  • KClock, A convergent clock application for Plasma.
  • Kalk, A convergent calculator application built with the Kirigami framework.
  • JTV, A collection of software that includes the client, remote backend and local backend. Non-tech savvy senior citizens can easily use JTV app to browser family media stored in home NAS, and admin can push information to JTV client without relying on thirdparty IM app.
KWeather Kalk

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