Something about me

Han Young is a software developer in his early twenties (This could be fake news if I forgot to update this page). First used Linux at age of 13, he became a full time Linux user two years later. Have taught himself C++ and Qt in college, Han Young begin to contribute code for KDE.

Bored with the college, he thinks that doing some intern job will be interesting. Soon Han Young found himself working as an iOS developer for ByteDance. He remains an active member of KDE and contributing to free software community every now and then.

I’m most comfortable with C++, however Objective-C, Ruby, Lisp, Rust, Swift and Python also are languages I learned over the 2 years.

Besides the nerdy part, I enjoy classic films shot before 70s. Fan of Rock and metal music, classic ones of course. Classic architecture is another hobby of mine.

I tended to write blogs that are well researched, you won’t see any posts that more of “learning gist” than proper article here. As a result, bear with the slow update frequency.

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A young developer who loves Linux.